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Advanced 3-Stage SEO and Digital Marketing Process

Our mission is to provide the best quality SEO services at the best prices in the market - In short "Top SEO Maximum ROI".

We are relentless in our effort to get the maximum return on investment for our SEO Service customers- our advanced processes have been developed, tested and refined over years to get the best possible results. They can be categorized at a high level into three stages, research, planning and strategy and implementation/execution processes. Here's some more detail.

Stage #1: Research

Research is a cornerstone to success and ROI. No two sites are ever the same, your site's SEO and digital marketing requirements will be different to your competitors; so we need to create a customized marketing strategy for each individual client to get the best possible results and maximize ROI.

This means that we dedicate the first stage of our process to research and analysis. We gather all the information we need to develop the most powerful and successful traffic and revenue generation strategy possible for your project.

  • Client Questionnaire and Interview: One of our first processes we do is to gather as much detail as we can. We use a written a questionnaire and interviews. We discuss your site, business, market, competitors, problems, short and long term goals in detail to get a full understanding of the situation
  • Keyword Research: We perform detailed research using multiple tools to discover a wealth of valuable keywords. We categorize them for use according to multiple dimensions like content relevance, user intent value, place in our timeline for the strategy, search volume, seasonality and competitiveness. We identify and recommend keywords for your approval at throughout a campaign so that we can target them with your site. We support our recommendations by sharing relevant data like the search volume and the potential value based upon your conversion rates.
  • Competitor Analysis: We can learn so much from your competitors, done well it's a total growth hack. We research your market for the ideal mix of competitors to analyze. The we perform detailed analysis throughout the campaign. We learn the keywords they rank for and why so that we can prepare our strategy to match their rank and then beat them.
  • Full SEO Audit: We carry out a detailed SEO audit of your website. We'll find all your website's issues with on page SEO testing, site structure problems, site navigation errors, low quality or duplicate content, full mobile browsing testing, full speed testing on multiple devices and overall evaluation for desktop and mobile browsers. Your site's current SEO status including the terms you're currently ranking for, your site's traffic, backlinks and other metrics will be fully evaluated and recorded as benchmark to work from.
  • Backlink Profile Audit: We perform extra research of your site's content to identify the site's current most popular pages and posts. We develop immediate plan to maximize the traffic and conversion rates for these parts of the site.
  • Business Relationships Research: Here we investigate your businesses's closest relationships to reveal how we can use them to further increase your sites online presence.

Stage #2: Planning and Strategy

Having researched and collected the information required, our experienced SEO team meet and jointly formulate a custom SEO and digital marketing strategy just for you. We work with you further to approve and build a strategy and formulate plan which will drive search engine up the rankings increasing traffic, and profits over the following three months and beyond.

  • On Site Optimization: Your SEO manager will liaise with you directly to propose and agree corrections and beneficial changes to your website. We will also advise on changes to your website design, navigation, site structure and site content to maximize your websites potential to rank highly, attract and convert visitors into customers. Subject to needs and available time matters such as optimized page structures, site structure, on-page content, broken backlinks, duplicate content, canonicals, tags, toxic links and CRO will be discussed and worked on. Possible disavowal of problematic backlinks and optimization for maximum site conversion ratios will also be discussed and worked on.
  • Link Building: Your SEO Manager will propose and work on optimizing your back link profile, we advanced backlink techniques to build a powerful high quality profile to increase SERP rank and traffic.
  • Social Media: We will search and deliver powerful opportunities for penetration across social media platforms.
  • Content Strategy: We will formulate a content strategy that is aligned with the overall strategy, we will propose content to add and keywords to use. We will perform on page optimization of site content.
  • Unique Content Distribution: The distribution of new and existing site content is a highly effective way to increase rank in search results and deliver high quality traffic. Our content marketing team will carefully distribute and promote all your content in the most beneficial ways to position your site as a valuable authority in your market to meet strategic goals and increase conversion rates.
  • Mobile Optimization: Under "mobile first" Google now places huge significance to a sites performance for mobile browsing, there are huge risks for some that are not prepared and hug opportunities for others. We know it all inside out and we don't take any short cuts in making sure that your site will deliver the very best results for you, if your site isn't passing the all important tests for being mobile-friendly as used for page rank then we will work with you to get it fixed.
  • Internationalization (when applicable): If yourmarketing plan targets international traffic, we van work with you to develop a strategy to increase your online presence in the countries being targeted.
  • White Hat SEO: Our goals are always based on maximising your return on investment so we will always improve your search engine rank by use of "white hat" / Google webmaster approved techniques only. Why? Because it is based on sound fundamentals of increasing the real value of your site in the long term and not on trying to trick search engines which either only work for a very short period of time or don't work at all. White hat SEO works in many many different ways by removing reasons that a search engine might have to not rank your site, by attracting new site visitors with compelling unique optimized content that adds value, through content promotion, widespread planned social sharing social media platforms - This work is truly an investment not only in increasing rank and traffic but it's also an investment into the long term quality and value of your brand.

Stage #3: Strategy Implementation and Execution


  • Set up of SEO Project Platform: Having completed our detailed analysis your websites current position we fully record it in our SEO platform, this provides our initial benchmark to work from. Then we enrich the information following the customized SEO strategy. We add competitors to follow, keywords to target, goals to achieve and much more. Our SEO platform is central to what we do, it supports our collaborative team based approach too, our specialists add comments and notes to the project as they work so that your project manager can efficiently manage the SEO Campaign with specialist consultants for each discipline that is required for the project.
  • Web Analytics and Reporting: Next we set up reporting for your website project. This is crucial because it enables us, and you, to track progress in meeting objectives. The reporting is issued automatically on schedule on a bi-monthly schedule. The reporting available is based on some of the most advanced and innovative SEO tools and software available, a full report can run at well over 400 pages, but don't worry there are summaries too! This level of detail means that we can closely monitor the progress of your SEO campaign, it also provides all the detail we need for making modifications to the plan and in addition it presents us with a wealth of extra opportunities too.
  • Site Errors and Link Repairs: Although every project is different we normally we set about fixing and optimizing the site itself first. Every Site will have it's own problems that will need to be repaired, it doesn't matter if it's a brand new site, simple site, small site , large site, or an expensive site for a large corporation there are always things to be fixed and optimized on the site itself. It is necessary that this work continues throughout your SEO campaign because as new pages and content is added to your site, updates to code are made, plugins and search algorithms get updated we need to make sure that your site is perfectly optimized.
  • Search Engine Compliance and Algorithm Tracking: We will review your websites compliance with the search engines policies, this ensures that your website is not breaching approved white-hat SEO policies such as those covered by the google webmaster guidleines. Where the site is in breach we will advise and work with your to make the website compliant. This work continues through out your SEO campaign, we will then monitor the site as it grows in size and ensure it remains in compliance with the search engine guidelines, advise you of any major changes to the search engine algorithms and update your SEO strategy accordingly. We will also advise you on how your other marketing work can combine with your SEO campaign to maximize your returns.
  • Competitor Analysis, Ranking, SEO Reporting and Web Metrics: There's no doubt that learning from competitors is one of the most powerful growth hacks, you can save huge amounts of time, work and money by doing it well. We have the most powerful tools available for competitor analysis and we provide more information about more of your competitors too to create a significant competitive advantage. We closely monitor multiple competitors and unlock how much traffic they are getting, where the traffic is coming from, what terms they are using and which keywords they are ranking for and provide clear comparison of their data to your sites data.
  • Off Page SEO Process Our off page SEO work can involve an extensive range of work to build a powerful online presence and improve page rank. Link building, content promotion, citations and social media are used. We aim to build a perfect profile of high quality back-links from relevant authoritative sources. We source and create opportunities for social media marketing that allow the natural and relevant engagement necessary to create rank boosting and revenue generating social signals. This work continues throughout the entire duration of your SEO campaign, to drive more and more traffic through continuous improvements in your ranking and web presence.

This page is just a brief high level summary of our process. The three stage process we have outlined is the result of years and years of experience, research and testing. It has been refined, tested and honed even further. It has been proven to work reliably and powerfully time and time again. We work closely with you as our client to make certain that we are on target and delivering the results you deserve.

Our years of experience and research, our excellence, our innovative strategies, market leading platform, our service levels, our work ethic and our results and track record over the last fifteen years justify charging the high fees that our competitors do.

But we have a formula that works for us and works for customers too and that's how we like it.

We want to work with you for years to come, and we understand that delivering outstanding service and results for a fair price is the way to keep happy, satisfied clients.

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