About SEO Content

Words, Words Words!! It's difficult to overstate the importance of content to SEO. Simply put content is fundamental to SEO a website without content cannot rank except for perhaps it's own name!

Search Engines are built around the use of search terms and your content is analyzed to see how well it matches the search query. The matching content is ranked according to over 200 factors by the search algorithm.

For content to rank and to produce the desired effect from traffic just being a wordsmith is not enough.

Our writers are multi-talented, they are highly skilled writers and experienced copywriters, marketers and SEO experts.

As such they can write advertisement copy, blog posts, website copy, newsletters, knowledge base articles and more. They understand and deliver content that is optimized for SEO and fully utilize synonyms and sentiment related keywords to get the best results possible and create powerful content to help your pages rank and to produce the desired behavior from visitors.

About Our Content Writing Services

Content is delivered as a Microsoft Word document One free revision is included When you place an order please give clear guidance so that we can serve you better.

Generally the clearer the guidance the better we can meet your needs, for example:

  • The URLs of any content to rewrite or use for inspiration
  • Any points to make, emphasize or add.
  • Select up to two major keywords and up to eight supporting keywords. We will endeavour to use those as required but our ability to do so will depend on the choices made and the length of the article, we will always maintain a natural style of writing suitable for human readers wherever possible and avoid "keyword stuffing" so that clients get the best results.
Format Content Type Length Sample Price Blog Posts LengthSample Price
Short Blog Post 350-450 words Sample Short Blog Post $39.00
Standard Blog Post 550-650 words Sample Standard Blog Post $53.00
Long Blog Post 850-950 words Sample Standard Blog Post $74.00
Extra Long Blog Post 1100-1500 words Sample Long Blog Post $92.00
Authority Article 1650 -2200 Sample Long Blog Post $114.00
Website content C33 Length Sample Price
Website Page 350-450 words Sample Website Page $43.00
Other Content C37 Length Sample Price
Press Release 350-650 words Sample Press Release $80.00
Product Descriptions 100-200 words Sample Product Descriptions $15.00
Video Script 450-550 words download sample F40 $61.00
Email Newsletter 100-200 words Sample Email Newsletter $23.00
Content Bundles Price
Super Blogger (4 Blog posts: 2 standard, 1 long, 1 extra long) save over $40 $230.00
Blog Master (10 Blog Posts: 5 standard, 3 long, 2 extra long) save over $140 $530.00
Influencer (1 press release, 1 Authority Article, 1 long blog post) 450-550 words $225.00