About Us

Digital Innovation Using the Latest White Hat Google Webmaster Approved SEO Techniques

At Bargain Prices!

Since 2000 7SEO have been working on search engine optimization campaigns for companies large, small, new and old. We have an industry-documented success rate for long-term high rank placements across all of the major search engines.Our professional search engine optimization strategies and marketing services will provide you with the edge you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

7SEO has enjoyed incredible success, our reputation for both consistently ranking our clients and keeping them high in the search engine results has grown significantly but for the majority of our clients we remain one of their best kept secrets for obvious reasons!

The advanced white hat SEO techniques and marketing methods we use to benefit our clients have been researched, tested and honed over years by industry experts. We believe in working hard and doing all the right things, we stay ahead of the herd and go far beyond standard link building with a variety of additional expert online marketing techniques that we can employ for clients, advanced back link techniques, brand building, reputation management, conversion rate optimization, website design, user experience consultancy, social marketing, authority outreach, influencer outreach, customer outreach and more.

We don’t just aim to help clients build ranking and impressions in the search engine results pages (SERPS) we aim to help them build a business that is sustainable for the long term

And we do all of this at prices to fit almost every budget.

Businesses will always need to compete today and keep competing on the net so it makes sense to offer a SEO service that fits with that reality - to make it crystal clear a one time "shot in the arm" approach to SEO just does not work because that is not what search engines want. In fact the often sold "bargain" packages of spammy backlinks from a thousand low quality sites will have the opposite effect and damage your business ranking, no matter how plausible they appear so please do not do it!

At 7SEO we believe in providing a long-term value based marketing partnership with our clients and we enjoy long term relationships with our clients because they are profiting from our service.

Our mission is simple:

To provide value to our customers, to help your business achieve the online success it deserves, at a price you can afford.

Our Approach to SEO

We have been through the SEO process many times and have honed our practices to bring great results reliably.

Firstly we provide solutions that work not just today but into the future too, invest in our service to make a profit and to keep on making profits into the future.

We use white hat SEO techniques only - Why? Because they work and they work reliably to bring long term benefits

Our marketing services help to build a profitable business for you that is sustainable into the future.

We put all our skills, our experience and our knowledge are available to drive your site to new success, in addition to white-hat SEO methods, we can also use our own innovative digital and social marketing strategies for your site. We build your search engine traffic to new heights and reach new users through many methods to create "online buzz".

We can advise and help with your website design to make sure it you turn visitors into valuable customers, it goes without say ing that we have the resources and expertise to design & re-design websites and to perform CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Finally about price, honestly to us most SEO agencies seem to charge a lot, profit is nice sure but we decided early we like quality and value for money - we had no interest in providing a low quality service it's just not who we are.

So there we have said it, as buyers we like the very best the world can offer at the very best prices, so we thought why don't we run our business in the same way - so here it is; We are 7SEO and this is the SEO agency we would want to find if we weren't an SEO agency

Our client retention rate is over 89% over the last two years.

Meet The Team

The 7seo team consists of a range of seasoned professionals, their skillsets include from search engine optimization, social marketing, content marketing, content creation, website design, sales funnel creation, conversion rate optimization, PR, influencer and customer outreach. We also collaborate with industry experts and invest heavily in our training.

Many team members have been with us for years, the ethos a 7SEO is very team orientated we share goals and work together and that ethos extends seamlessly to our clients too. Our staff stay current with the ever changing online environment and search algorithms. The latest Google algorithm update, a new viral social platform, or a innovative new traffic generating technique, you can be sure we are on it, researching and incorporating it into our SEO and SEM strategies for the benefit of clients. We stay ahead of the curve - which means that you do too.

We enjoy what we do, for our team, the internet and digital marketing is our livelihood and our passion. We take pride in excelling in what we love.

It is said that knowledge is power but we say.......

"knowledge with action is power"


Join us in an online adventure.