How Can Social Media Help?

Social media is here to stay. Social media websites are hugely influential when it comes to directing customer perceptions and influencing their purchasing decisions. A powerful presence on social media will help you steer customer perceptions in the direction you want. That's where we step in, the social media experts at PageTraffic will take care of it all for you.

One targeted Post every day to Facebook and Twitter, one daily post every day to either Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest (client’s choice), Facebook Ads (includes a $25 advert budget), and Facebook Like Boost (includes a $25 advert budget)

Here are few things that we can do for you:

What we Do

Grow Your Business and Build Your Brand Every Day With Our Social Media Marketing Services, reclaim your day with our easy plugin Social Media Management Services.

The Problem

Establishing your brand on Social media takes time and experience, building your network and maintaining a social media prescence for small businesses take knowledge, skill and hard work on a daily basis.

What We Do

7SEO offers Social Media Management Services to help business owners and entrepreneurs build and maintain a strong presence on Social media so that when customers and prospects look for your goods and services they find you. See What included here

Why We Do It

Non-existant, Neglected or dormant Social profiles reflect badly on your business and customers click away, when you use our Social Media Management Services customers will not only find your Social profile they will find that you are consistently active, attentive, approachable and sharing content that establishes your relevance, credibility and authority as a business.

How It Works

What’s Included?

Quality Fresh Social Media Content Done for You Every Day for a Low Fixed Price!

  • Each day we will provide high quality unique custom content especially for your business and post it every day to your Twitter and Facebook profiles
  • 7 Days a week posting
  • Unique content created especially for your business
  • Images, articles and content carefully selected by social media marketing specialists to engage your target audiences.
  • Promotion of your business services and products every week
  • Best practice use of hashtags to optimize results and maximize views
  • Quality support we are here to help every day.


1Who will do the work on my social media accounts?

We use well trained and dedicated Content marketing specialists to find and share content for your Social media marketing.

What’s more we use Content Experts who Specialize in social media content. They spend hours researching your business, your products, the market and the target audiences then search the web for relevant targeted content to share on your Social Media Profiles.

Our goal is to engage with your audience to achieve your goals just the way you would do yourself.

We take ownership and responsibility for the work and use all our skills and experience to achieve your goals our ultimate aim is to be an outsource solution that really works for every client – a problem solver and value provider.

Language and identity matters, all of our Content Experts are locally based in the United States, we never outsource our social media marketing services to other countries.

2What’s the process to decide what content is posted on my Social Media Profiles?

The key to effective Social Media Marketing is clearly identified goals, a proven strategy based on experience to achieve those goals, lots of research and lots of work!

Our approach is based upon the experience and reflects this approach. As soon as we receive your order a dedicated Content Expert will begin to research your website, products, markets, customers and potential audiences. From the outset posts to your Social Media profiles will be according to the Social Media Startegy and targeted at the right audience in the right way. Of course as part of our campaign management service we make any strategy adjustments required for optimum results throughout the campaign.

3Can I make additional posts to my profiles?

Yes absolutely! The profiles are yours and you can post as much as you want to anytime.

4Can I request that you post a particular item or promotion?

Of course! All we ask is that you send a clear email to us with details of what you’d like us to post for you, remember to give us a few days notice if it is time sensitive, try to provide all relevant information like any URLs or message you would like us to use.

Please use the “Contact Us” page to send all requests too and your Content Expert will make sure that the work is done .

Our helpful Customer Support Team is trained and ready to make sure your requests are handled efficiently.

5Am I tied in with a contract?

No, there’s no contract we don’t believe in tying customers in with contracts, you can cancel anytime you’d like immediately.

We believe in earning your trust each month by delivering an effective and high quality service. We are confident that you will find our services effective and remain our customer!

6Need More Information?

No problem we are happy to help, please Contact Us for more information about our services and with any further questions that you may have.