1How much experience do you have in online marketing and SEO?
As a company we have been ranking clients on the first pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo and elsewhere since 2000. Many of our staff were creating and ranking sites in their personal and professional life before that. Our agency staff have well over twenty five years of combined experience in SEO, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, reput ation management, social media marketing and brand development. All our clients get the combined value of our experience and are highly valued . As a client you will receive a professional service that we take great pride in and most important of all the results that you deserve.
2What makes you different from the other SEO agencies I see?
  1. Commitment to value - We believe our value depends on your value, we can only be succesful by creating value and making your site succesful.
  2. Commitment to you - We are a small firm that makes a big commitment to our clients.
  3. Commitment to delivery - We find solutions and overcome problems to achieve goals.
  4. Commitment to creating value for clients.
The primary focus of most digital marketing agencies is their own profitability and not their clients. We believe that’s wrong- naturally we have to run a business and pay bills too but our starting point is always about making profit for the client not for us. The reason for that is simple - our success depends on the success of our clients. Profitable clients that are receiving value and a positive return on investment remain as clients. In a competitive market we work hard, we innovate and we never compromise in order to deliver value to our clients.
3Why is the price you charge for SEO so much cheaper than other agencies?
We try to charge fair prices for expert services delivered by highly skilled professional staff, our SEO platform is one of the most powerful and highly featured in the world–it is a professional grade tool and it's in a different league to the usual consumer grade SEO tools available to most businesses. In addition the pricing decisions of most agencies are based upon over pricing because they are afraid, usually with good cause, that they will not be able to retain the client beyond six months. Under this approach these firms aim to charge as much as possible before the client leaves, when they do predictably it is usually for reasons of cost and insufficient return.7SEO does not operate like that. At 7SEO we like to earn your trust. Our clients are never tied in they can leave at any time. We are confident that we can deliver value to our clients because we have been doing it for years. When you are delivering value and a positive ROI on SEO to clients then clients are happy, happy clients stay longer. Clients that stay longer mean we can cut costs of new business acquisition and onboarding overheads which means that we can afford to charge less and make smaller profits over a longer term relationship, which makes clients happy.
4Do you guarantee results?
Absolutely. At 7SEO your satisfaction and success is our top priority at all times. If you’re not satisfied with our services within the first 60 days, simply let us know and we will do whatever we can to resolve the situation. It is important to understand that as SEO consultants we study and analyse marketing, markets the search engine algorithms to maximise the results of our clients businesses but we do not have full control over the rank that Google and other search engines give to your website, no ethical SEO agency would guarantee a rank but a good ethical agency should be able to deliver value and improvement in SERP rank.
5How Many Keywords/Phrases Can I Target With One Campaign?
Unlimited! There's no limit to the number of keywords and phrases you can target with your campaign. We'll allocate a portion of your SEO budget for each of the keywords you'd like to target. During our extensive research and strategy phases we will suggest the keywords we feel are best to focus on, in order to improve your rankings and increase your traffic. However, we offer complete flexibility during your campaign, so you can change keywords as often as you'd like.
6Who Will Lead My SEO Campaign?
At 7SEO you'll have access to an entire team of professional SEO and marketing specialists, all working together to get you the best results possible - the highest rankings, traffic, and profits. However, in order to make your interaction with us as easy as possible, you'll have your very own dedicated account manager who will serve as your single point of contact for expert liaison, handling all of your campaign needs and requests, and maintaining contact with you as your campaign progresses.
7Do I Get Reports?
Absolutely, we love information! You'll receive regular updates on the progress and the results of your campaign, this will happen either monthly or twice a month according to your package. Our reporting is truly comprehensive so you can gauge how well things are going. Naturally, if you need any additional information on your campaign, all you have to do is ask, you will have a dedicated Account Manager to act as your single point of contact.